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Business News

EVENT “New City, New Year’s Reunion – Spring of Fortune”


EVENT “New City, New Year’s Reunion – Spring of Fortune”

Investor Thuan Viet, New City Exchange recently cooperated with CBRE to organize the program “New City, New Year’s union – Spring of fortune” for residents in New City Thu Thiem.

The program took place on Saturday – December 28, 2019, providing a cozy space for the resident community to entertain and exchange on the occasion of welcoming the new year 2020. In addition to the entertainment space, there are folk games. , street music activities, the Organizing Committee also arranged a space for Southern rustic cuisine to serve residents.

Especially this year, there is the companionship of Shop-houses, Companies, Brands and Suppliers at the project to participate in introducing their products and services for New City residents to experience for free. event space.

Thuan Viet wishes to bring residents a healthy community space, lots of fun, opportunities to exchange and connect in the last days of the year instead of wishing Happy – An Khang to residents in the new year. Year of the Rat 2020. Sincere thanks to Partners, Customers, Residents and Staffs, who have agreed – sympathized – accompanied Thuan Viet in the past time. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!


Residents in Ho Chi Minh City contribute items, lend apartments to support anti-epidemic

From toothbrushes, fruit, rice to fans, blankets and pillows... are donated by apartment residents and then donated to field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. For nearly a week now, the lobby


“One meal per day”, Ho Chi Minh City people contribute with doctors and nurses

From toothbrushes, fruit, rice to fans, blankets, etc., are all donated by apartment residents to the doctors and nurses who are fighting the COVID-19 epidemic inside field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh

Prepared equipment and meals for F0 and doctors

“I can stay at home, I can dress comfortably, I can do whatever I want, but they (F0) can't. I love seeing that! Remembering the unfortunate thing that I got sick, what

Grand Opening of HCMC Oncology Hospital (2nd branch) with 1.000 beds

Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital (2nd branch) was inaugurated on October 12 with an investment of 5,845 billion VND. The hospital has 1,000 beds according to international standards and lots of modern


New Diagnosis Centre of HCMC Oncology Hospital 2nd Branch begins to operate

On October 12, the new examination area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City), facility 2 with a scale of 1,000 beds was officially inaugurated, which is expected

New City Thu Thiem: Set new standard for Home and Future Investment

New City Thu Thiem possesses worthy living values ​​such as a prime location, green living space and sustainable assets of the future, suitable for the Millennial generation, a young, successful working class,


Inauguration of the Facility 2 project of Oncology Hospital, investment capital of more than 5,800 billion VND

Today (October 12), Ho Chi Minh City inaugurated the construction investment project of Campus 2 of Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital. This is a project with a total investment of more


Inauguration of Oncology Hospital 2 with 1,000 beds

Oncology Hospital (2nd branch) was inaugurated on October 12 with an investment of 5,845 billion VND. The hospital has 1,000 international standard modules and lots of modern machines. Oncology Hospital (2nd branch)


Ho Chi Minh City: Oncology Hospital’s 5,000 billion VND facility is officially operational

The 5,000 billion Oncology Hospital is officially in operation PHOTO: BINH NGON   On the morning of October 12, the inauguration ceremony of the medical examination area under the construction investment project


“Guu” chooses the home of successful young people: Class from location to living space

Tran Khiem, who lives in Binh Thanh, shared: “It is difficult to find an apartment in the central area that is convenient for daily commute, but still ensures an open and close